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    Control of aeration: control of WWTP aeration systems

    Control Aireacion EDAR Dissolved oxygen levels in activated sludge systems are considered to be one of the most important WWTP control parameters. Low levels of dissolved oxygen affect the microorganism growth rate and also could cause filamentous bacteria growth. On the other hand, high dissolved oxygen levels mean high energy consumption that have a negative effect on denitifrication processes.

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    WWTP nitrogen control

    cont_nitr_pAt present, the objective of WWTP operations is not only to comply with the discharge limits established by law, but also to minimise energy consumption.

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    Biocalibra is an automated calibration device developed by CALAGUA for determining the kinetic and stoichiometric parameters of the WWTP simulation models used most often by researchers.

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    LodifBiocontrolLoDif BioControl, consists of a computer application that incorporates control algorithms developed by the research group in recent years. Such control algorithms based on fuzzy logic, allow an efficient control of both the aeration system and the process of biological nutrient removal in wastewater treatment plants

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