LoDif BioControl is a digital platform designed to implement in a simple and guided way control systems in guide operators and facilitate implementing WWTP, with a high degree of flexibility that can deal with configuration changes and incorporate new controllers.


LoDif BioControl is now being successfully used in more than 30 Spanish WWTPs and obtains satisfactory operational results and significant savings (up to 60%) in energy costs.

The following controllers are currently incorporated in this platform:

  • Aeration control of turbocompressors, blowers and/or turbines, etc.
  • Control of biological nitrogen removal by low-cost probes (DO, pH redox potential) or nutrient probes/analysers.
  • Control of biological phosphorus removal (optimisation of primary sludge fermentation in fermenters and decanters).
  • Control of sludge age in biological processes.
  • Control of influent flow to the different reactor lines.
  • Control of optimisation of sludge line flow management for maximum recovery of phosphorus by struvite crystallization (level, flow, crystalliser pH, thickener elutriation controllers).
  • Control of membrane fouling in biological reactors (physical cleaning by regulating biogas/air flow and backcounter-washing stage frequencies).




LoDif BioControl incorporates nitrogen removal controllers for:

1) Nitrification process control systems.

2) Denitrification process control systems.

3) Controllers for the biological removal of nutrients by intermittent aeration.

Special importance should be given to the controllers based on low-cost pH and redox potential sensors, protected by preliminary patent rights Nº P200900820: System for control of biological removal of nitrogen from wastewater by means of low-cost probes.



The aeration control system in Lodif BioControl can be applied to any WWTP with an aeration system capable of differential regulation of the different aerobic zones of the biological process (variable control valves, aeration control devices).

the system's control architecture is subdivided into an upper level of expert rules and a basic level with a certain number of pressure controllers and a specific controller to supervise the set pressure.



LoDif BioControl incorporates the following membrane filtration control algorithms:

1) A tool to determine the critical operational flow.

2) Membrane tank mixed liquor recirculation flow control system.

3) Mechanical membrane cleaning air/gas recirculation control system.

4) Mechanical membrane backcounterwashing control system.