Action Group “Anaerobic MBR for WATER Resource Recovery in CIRCULAR ECONOMY: WATER CIRCLE“


Since 2013 the CALAGUA group has been coordinating the Anaerobic MBR for WATER Resource Recovery in CIRCuLar Economy: WATER CIRCLE Action Group in the framework of the European Innovation Partnership of Water-EIP Water. This group collects results, advances and practical applications and disseminates the advances in AnMBR technology in newsletters, web pages and conferences. The Action Group Consortium is formed by Spanish, Dutch, Belgian, French and UK universities and research centres as well as national and international companies involved in wastewater treatment.

The Action Group’s main aim is to initiate a concept change in wastewater treatment and convert Wastewater Treatment Plants into Water Resource Recovery Facilities (WRRF) to make the traditionally discarded wastewater a source of energy, water and nutrients, in line with the Circular Economy’s sustainable principles and focused on AnMBR technology at the heart of the plant.