RECREATE -  Transformación de las EDAR en instalaciones de recuperación de recursos aplicando los principios de la economía circular y la seguridad sanitaria y ambiental

This project is aimed at developing and testing at pilot and laboratory scale a treatment scheme for urban wastewaters under the principles of Circular Economy and sanitary safety. The proposed treatment scheme tries to recover the main resources contained in urban wastewaters producing:

  • A high quality effluent to be reused in agriculture or other purposes
  • Energy, in the form of biogas
  • Struvite (a commercial slow P release fertilizer)
  • A solution of ammonium sulphate/nitrate (also a commercial fertilizer)
  • Hydrochar, a sanitary safe biosolid that can replace fossil fuels, be applied to improve soil characteristics or even be used as an adsorbent after being transformed into activated carbon.

The proposed treatment scheme includes a primary settler, an AnMBR unit for organic matter removal, an anaerobic digester and an HTC reactor for sludge digestion and management and a post-treatment for nutrient recovery to be applied when direct reuse of AnMBR effluent for fertigation is not possible, which includes ion exchange resins and zeolites, as well as electrodialysis.