Combination of anaerobic processes, microalgae cultivation and membrane technology to obtain bionutrients and energy from urban wastewater - BIONUTEN


This project demonstrates the novel combination of an anaerobic process for urban WWT with membrane separation after primary settling, microalgal cultivation with membrane photobioreactor for nutrient recovery, a sludge and microalgae anaerobic digestion and nutrient recovery in the form of commercial products.

The general objectives are:

- To optimise urban WWT based on anaerobic technology and membranes to optimize energy production and generating a nutrient-rich stream. 

- To study resource recovery in the form of commercial products from the obtained streams.

- To study the microorganisms present in the different systems.

- To analyse priority and emerging pollutants' degradation in the different treatment units.

- To develop a DSS to select the best treatment scheme based on wastewater characteristics and ambient conditions.

- To disseminate the main results.