Mathematical Modelling

The CALAGUA group is developing mathematical models that are able to reproduce the different types of process included in its research trajectory.


Some of the most important are those for sedimentation and primary sludge fermentation, and those for acid-base, precipitation, 2-stage nitrification, sulfurogenesis and filtration processes. CALAGUA develops calibration parameters for the different numerical models validated by lab, pilot and plant-scale experimental data.


To facilitate the application of the numerical models to WWTP design and optimisation, we have developed general models incorporating the most important physical processes and chemical and biological processes used in WWTP water and sludge lines. These models are: Biological Nutrient Removal Model Nº 1 (BNRM1) and Biological Nutrient Removal Model Nº 2 (BNRM2), the latter implemented in DESASS software.