DESASS (Design and Simulation of Activated Sludge Systems) is a WWTP simulator configured for Windows and basically designed for education and personnel training.

BioCalibra Is an automatic calibration device developed by the CALAGUA group that can experimentally determine the most widely accepted kinetic and stoichiometric parameters of simulated WWTP models.

LoDif BioControl is a digital platform designed to implement in a simple and guided way control systems in guide operators and facilitate implementing WWTP, with a high degree of flexibility that can deal with configuration changes and incorporate new controllers.


The CALAGUA group works on characterising both wastewater and the biomass formed during its treatment, including the microbiological analysis of micropollutants.



Technical Consulting

The CALAGUA Mixed UV-UPV Unit has long experience in advising business companies and public organisations in fields ranging from analytical monitoring and experimental studies to developing made-to-measure technical solutions for WWTP design and optimisation.