The CALAGUA group offers technical assistance in different areas, such as:

  • Application of analytical techniques to detect, characterise and quantify micropollutants in WWTP water and sludge lines.
  • Water characterisation.
  • Modelling of the principal processes associated with wastewater treatment.
  • Evaluation of WWTP operations and suggestion for improvements.
  • Evaluate WWTP energy and carbon footprints, environmental impact and costs.
  • Removal and recovery of organic matter and nutrients (nitrogen and phosphorus) from wastewater and other organic wastes.
  • Application of membrane technology to recover resources from wastewater.
  • WWTP monitoring, control and optimisation.


Thanks to the experience of the CALAGUA group in optimising the main wastewater treatment processes, our research team can offer assistance in this field.

With the guarantee of the satisfactory results obtained in installing control and optimisation systems in more than 30 WWTPs and the know-how acquired in operating these technologies, we can offer training and guidance for the principal control strategies. Based on WWTP calibration, DESASS software can simulate operations under the different control strategies configured in the LoDif BioControl platform. The design and analysis of the optimal control strategy can be simulated in this way, while the simulated configuration can then be directly implemented on an industrial scale by means of LoDif BioControl software.



The CALAGUA group has developed innovative and efficient WWTP monitoring methodologies based on the know-how acquired in its professional experience in processes, instrumentation, data communication protocols, and data analysis and interpretation techniques.

The CALAGUA group can assist in the different aspects involved in WWTP monitoring, such as:

  • Identification and quantification of objectives through the definition of operating indicators
  • Selection of parameters to be measured, selection of sampling points and sensor installation points
  • Choice of appropriate sensors and advice on their installation
  • Writing protocols for sensor maintenance
  • Establishing procedures to evaluate data quality
  • Developing and implementing advanced monitoring systems based on statistical techniques and artificial intelligence
  • Collaboration on data analysis and interpretation
  • Developing and implementing decision support systems


For companies that have won contracts or are submitting tenders to build WWTPs, the CALAGUA group Mixed UV-UPV Unit can calculate the dimensions of the different process components on the DESASS program and give technical assistance on engineering details. Our unique WWTP simulation software can rapidly compare the results of different treatment alternatives and select the most appropriate.

For companies that operate urban or industrial wastewater treatment plants, we can optimise existing WWTPs to improve performance and reduce power consumption. Optimisation is based on characterising wastewater and determining sludge biological characteristics by the BioCalibra device to obtain the parameters for a numerical model and then simulate the plant’s current configuration for comparison with different proposals for alternative treatments.